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2 for 1 Exosome & MSC Cord Tissue Sale!

  • MSC Derived Exosomes - ReBellaXO
  • Umbilical Cord Tissue - ReBella
  • 15 Year FDA Certified Lab
  • No Limit on Units for either one!
  • Includes both 1cc and 2cc sizes.

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Quality Assured, Potent Exosomes - Now 2 for 1!

ReBellaXO Available in 1cc, 2cc and 5cc sizes*

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Product - Now 2 for 1!

ReBella Available in 1cc and 2cc sizes*

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Exosome and Umbilical Details

  • Manufactured at an FDA registered lab with over 15 yrs experience.
  • ReBellaXO (exosome) is an acellular product. ReBella (umbilical) has live cells.
  • Billions of exosomes per cc confirmed by Exosomal Markers CD9, CD63, CD81.
  • Wharton's Jelly MSC Derived, consistent and potent.
  • Each lot is consented, validated and tested according to FDA requirements.
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Look at the characterization with Exosomal Markers and how clear it is! No questionable filtration results where trash proteins are counted.
ReBellaXO and ReBella are Distributed by Regen Suppliers
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Available in 1cc, 2cc and 5cc sizes*
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*Promotion good through August 31, 2020 - includes 1cc and 2cc sizes (not the 5cc size).

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