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What is an Exosome?

  • Exosomes are NOT cells.
  • They are very small.
  • They possess DNA, RNA and many proteins.
  • They are instrumental in cell to cell communication.

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What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are known as extracellular vesicles, and they emanate from all types of cells. For regenerative medicine therapies, stem cells are the ones that are used to create the exosomes. They are byproducts that are excreted from the cell that contain DNA, RNA and many proteins.

It should be noted that exosomes are not cells. They do not replicate and do not undergo mitosis. What exosomes do contain is a ton of information inside that can be referred to as the "information cargo". Once they are released from a stem cell, exosomes will migrate in the body until they are attracted to a cell giving off signals of inflammation.

At that point, exosomes will attach to the cell and become invaginated (i.e. eaten). Once the exosome is inside, it will release all of the information "payload" that will help the cell reprogram and regenerate itself. So when you look at the function of an exosome, it is critical in cell to cell communication.

A lot of doctors consider exosome therapy itself to be a replacement for stem cell therapy. Why? Because they look at it as "skipping the middleman". Exosome therapy has been shown to work very well for patients either with injection, IV, nebulizer, intranasal too. Since they are so small, exosomes do not get damaged even when using very small needles. This is just one reason they are so popular now for aesthetic procedures like hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and sexual wellness procedures.

How are exosomes created? In order to end up with billions in each cc, Wharton's Jelly stem cells are cultured in the lab. The byproducts, which are exosomes, are used to make the product. This is how ReBella XO is made! The culturing is performed at an FDA regulated lab, which is also cGMP compliant.

It's also important to point out how exosomes should be counted. There are plenty of labs that use a cell counter for exosomes and just put a size range for counting. This is NOT accurate. Why? Because there are plenty of dead cells and trash proteins that are the same size as exosomes, which dramatically inflates their counts!

In reality, exosomes should be counted by using surface markers. This is technically demanding, but it's necessary to be accurate so providers know exactly what they are getting! When counting ReBellaXO exosomes, this is exactly how it's done.

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